Virtual Forge Hub
Upload a video journey
Upload a video journey

Simply drag and drop your video assets into the system for review and comment. the VF Hub can easily be plugged into your TV Studio and controlled by an Android or iPad tablet.

Upload a video journey
Video blogging journey

Users can record video, add metadata, perform audio and video tests then submit for review.

Upload a video journey
Prepare a webinar journey

Powerpoint slides converted through Adobe Presenter can be assigned as a webinar presentation. In order to synchronize the slides with the video from the presentation we provide two options

The VF Hub is a bespoke end-to-end video management system that enables users to add, edit, review and manage video content. From video blogging to replaying live presentations with Powerpoint slides, this tool provides simple, intuitive control over a vast media library. The VF Hub acts as a central location for authors to upload content, editors to manage, review and control distribution of content and for production staff to export markers into editing suites like Adobe Premier Pro. Simplify your journey - Plug into the VF Hub.

VF Hub Features Wheel

Booking module – Book a Broadcastpod from your desktop to any Broadcastpod location globally. A unique code is generated to add a level of security.

iControl app – iPad application provides the user with an intuitive touch screen to control camera, lighting and teleprompter speed.

Device control – module for camera pan, tilt and zoom and lighting.

Media publisher – Links to Adobe Flash Media Server or Wowza to create a seamless interface that enables the user to broadcast the event.

Review and Approve – Review content and approve for broadcast.

Media player – Customised, branded, video on demand player to playback videos.

File Exporter – Export to xml, csv or pdf or export to editing tools.

IP Traffic Manager – intelligent routing between single or multiple locations.

The Mesh
The Mesh is a single interface, allowing users to watch a video and with a single click map a particular slide to the time code in the video. This accommodates both slide entry/ exit points and in-slide animations.
The Presenter
The Presenter is a slick standalone tool, which works like Powerpoint so presenters can play their slides as they normally would. However, it additionally captures and saves all movements through the slides into the database at the back end of the VF Hub. All your synching is done automatically into the database at the back end of the VF Hub. All your synching is done automatically.

  • Digital Asset Management of all video assets
  • Cloud based
  • Secure
  • Automated play back options including CDN and Youtube
  • Choose a video for review via thumbnail
  • Add a comment to the video
  • Navigation and design sample
The Player
The Player is a customized skinable video on demand player that plays back your webinar video and slides in synch with each other. Various views are available to allow viewers to focus on either the slides or the video as appropriate. Slide navigation is also auto generated which allows users to skip backwards and forwards throughout the playback (although this can be disabled on both a global and individual slide basis). Users can bring up a carousel view of similar videos and webinars in the system by tag search.
Review content and approve
A key part of the VF Hub is to be able to review and comment on any video that has been added to the VF Hub Media Library via our unique Spatial, Temporal and Voice interactive marker function. Each video can have single or multiple reviewers and by using the suite of reviewing tools they can make a number of annotations / comments either time based or image based. A reviewer using the iPad Control app or HUB desktop app selects the video that they wish to review from their review pile, they are able to view all other comments that any other reviewers have left as well. Markers area created on the video by using the scrub bar and the tools below.

Markers once created can be exported in the following formats : xml, csv and pdf, or expoerted into editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Once a video has been approved, it can be signed off and then automatically moved form awaiting authorisation to distribution as defined in the admin settings.

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